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Uber Technologies Inc. stock underperforms Wednesday when compared to competitors

UBER, -1.36% slipped 1.36% to $38.48 Wednesday, on what proved to be an all-around favorable trading session for the stock market, with the NASDAQ ...

Uber and Cruise band together for launch of new auto IP group – IAM Media

Uber's Kurt Brasch and Cruise's Olivia Tsai are aiming to give the transportation industry a defensive-minded IP alliance to call its own.

House capital gains tax better for the super rich than Biden plan – CNBC

The uber rich may be cheering House Democrats' proposed tax reforms on investment income relative to the Biden administration's earlier plan.

Uber to Help Canadians Get to the Polls for Election Day | iPhone in Canada Blog

Uber has just announced it will be offering exclusive discounts for rides to and from the polls on Monday, as Canadians will be heading to the ...

Execs at Uber and Cruise reveal what it takes to become a smart city – Yahoo News

Execs at Uber and Cruise reveal what it takes to become a smart city - and how tech can solve urban mobility and inequality. Elle Hardy. Wed, ...

Lawsuit Alleges Uber Did Nothing to Stop a Driver's Deadly Shooting Rampage – VICE

Matt Mellen, one of the last passengers of Jason Dalton―the Uber driver who killed six people and wounded another two while active on the app―has ...

This analyst says Uber, Netflix are the top tech stocks to buy right now – Yahoo Finance

We go Uber first. Amazon second. Netflix third. BRIAN SOZZI: Mark, on Amazon, what's your price target, and when do you think the stock starts to ...

Gig companies facing fights over Prop. 22 in California and in states where they want to replicate it

Uber and Lyft drivers protest against Proposition 22 in Los Angeles in 2020. The gig companies want to expand Prop. 22-like laws elsewhere.

Richard Schiff, Jessica Hecht, John Michael Higgins Join Uber Series – Variety

The first season of the series is based on the Mike Isaac book “Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber.” It centers on the rise of the ride sharing app ...

The Hobart eateries that are stand out food delivery performers – The Mercury

Ten Hobart restaurants are stand out performers with Uber Eats as Tasmanians continue to embrace having ordered food picked up and delivered.

Uber CTO quits with no replacement in sight – Verdict

Uber Technologies' chief technology officer (CTO) has resigned after less than a year on the job, a media report said.

Binance US ​Gets Aid Of Ex-Uber China Exec & STTN Cross-Chain DEX – TechStory

JPMorgan released FUD statements after Binance US announced aid is coming from ex-Uber Asia's top Executive and new cross-chain DEX, ...